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Humbleyard English Wine – Bacchus Dry White

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Ever tried an English Wine? Prepared to be surprised!

The deliciously crisp white wine produced by ‘Humbleyard Vineyard’ in Mulbarton, Norfolk is made from the Bacchus grape blended with a small amount of ‘Reichensteiner’.  It has characteristics of a Sauvignon Blanc but with a slightly lighter finish.

Flavours of Elderflower & Apple are balanced with a subtle citrus note making it a wonderful refreshing wine to serve on Christmas Day, light enough to enjoy during the day but crisp enough to cut through the contrast of Christmas lunch plus a great talking point.

At the mid price of £11.75 a bottle, or £10.50 for 2 or more in the Humbleyard Vineyard farm shop – it’s most definitely worth a try.


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